In Holland (Belguim also) clients who want to buy a house use just one agent to do all of the legwork for them. We think that this is a great idea, saving time and energy. Have a read at our coordinated approach to buying houses.

Initial Steps
Having decided to begin the process of buying a property abroad, most people start their search via the internet trawling through the many websites operated by lots of different estate agents. This gives prospective buyers a good idea of what's available for sale in their preferred area. The next stage is to make contact with one or more of these agents and to make arrangements to meet up and discuss your particular requirements.

Who to contact?

How to choose which of the many agents to deal with? This can be quite daunting as there are often a variety of agents all operating in the same area.

The job of an estate agent is to know his or her local community and this is the knowledge that is so valuable to buyers. However most people want to explore different areas before coming to a decision on where exactly they want to buy.

Contacting all agents in all of the areas you want to explore would be very time consuming. Many people only have limited time available for their property search so a more cohesive approach is a much better way of using your valuable time.

Sunset Properties Spain
At Sunset Properties Spain www.sunsetproperties-spain.com we have a wide range of properties for sale across the whole of the Axarquía region and we work closely with a network of colleagues, both inland and coastal, across the area. We work mainly from the internet but we also have an office base in Torre del Mar where we publicise our properties in the offices of Asesoria Axarquía.

Coordinated approach
We can offer buyers a comprehensive, individual service where we will coordinate your property search for you and act as your main point of contact. How much easier to explain your property requirements to one person rather than repeat the same things many times to a number of different agents!

We can provide you with a tailor-made selection of properties which fit your needs both from our portfolio and from those of other agents covering the same area. In other words we'll do the legwork for you leaving you to relax and enjoy the whole experience.

Once we actually begin the property search, we will be able to pinpoint exactly what's important to you and we can communicate this to other agents on your behalf saving you from having to do this yourself. Our aim is to get to know you well and to build up a relationship with you based on trust so that you feel confident that we will find you what you are looking for.

Contact us
We are here to help you and to make your property search as enjoyable and stress free as possible. If you want to make an appointment or if you just want an informal chat then please contact Denise either by phone 618 295 063 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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