Selling a property can be a stressful experience and as the method of selling property moves away from traditional estate agency and towards using the internet, some may say this sounds even more daunting. But in reality, is it actually that scary?

We have been monitoring this scenario carefully - observing how our private sellers handle selling via this modern method and our findings are not necessarily surprising but very interesting…

What we have found is that those sellers who often succeed to sell in record time and with ease are the ones who communicate well, who are proactive in their approach and who show urgency to reach the buyers before others do!

A good example of using this technique successfully are, Andrew and Linda, a professional British couple who sold one of their village properties in Montejaque, Malaga through us during August. They have a number of holiday rental properties in Spain and want to sell them over the coming years – one or two at a time. They came to us in April via a recommendation (another British seller who had already sold via us in Montejaque). Andrew and Linda had a rather jaundiced view of “property professionals in Spain” to say the least! This set us a challenge from the start, to prove that not everyone involved with property in Spain was the same.

What Andrew and Linda loved about selling privately through us, was the control they gained. Yes, we produced their property details for them but they could use their own photographs and have input into what was written. They then had complete control over the buyers who enquired when we passed them over. This really suited Andrew and Linda who were used to selling their properties to holiday makers, so the process was not dissimilar. They moved quickly to make contact with the buyers who enquired and pushed for viewings at every opportunity. They used their housekeeper to open up for viewings and it worked perfectly.

Linda, is a lawyer in the UK and when it came to negotiating a deal with the buyer, this came easily to her. Andrew and Linda still used a Spanish lawyer to represent them, but the whole sales process, from beginning to end (just 4 months) has been easy and enjoyable for the couple. Of course, we are thrilled for them. Now we have to find a buyer for the next property they wish to sell – no pressure then!

So, if you are a seller who:
Enjoys communicating with others via email or phone.
Who would be proactive in their approach to getting a buyer's attention.
Who believes they are the best person to sell their property to a buyer.
Who is happy to ask a neighbour or friend to do the viewings for them if away from the property.
Who would relish the opportunity to seal a deal with a buyer.
Who is happy to communicate with us and ask for help if you need it.
Who is comfortable with asking us how they can generate more enquiries and viewings for their property – there is always a solution!

Why aren't you selling your property privately already? You would be great at it and would save yourself a lot of money in the process!

When selling with the help of Creative Property Marketing you are not alone. You can contact us and ask for help at any stage and we will step in. However, a proactive approach and willingness to chase up the buyers who enquire about your property is essential – it does not matter if this is by email or phone – communication is the key to selling privately!

See our advert on the opposite page for details on how to contact us.

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