Selling your House? PART 1


A step by step guide with tips and advice brought to you by Sunset Properties

Before your house goes on the market Make sure that you have the right paperwork in place. Your estate agent will want to look at your escritura (title deed) although a copy will suffice at this stage. Check that it's up-to-date. Remember that if you have had any extensions built onto your house or a swimming pool added you will need to up-date the description of the property in the escritura.

To do this you will need:
• the planning permission
• a copy of the building plans
• a letter from an architect stating that the work has been finished in accordance with the plans
You can then have the escritura amended at the same time as completing on the sale of your property at the notary's office. There will be a fee charged by your asesoria or lawyer. The cost for this will depend on the square metres that need to be added to the title deed. Always ask for a quote first as each case is different.

Sale price

Think realistically about how much you want for your house check out comparable properties for yourself but also take your estate agent's advice as she knows the market better than anyone. Her commission will be added to the price you want to achieve for yourself so expect her to be clear about how much this will be.


Work out what your expenses are likely to be, particularly taking into account capital gains tax (see note below). Generally you don't need to use a lawyer to deal with your sale unless it is necessary to up-date the property description in the escritura . You may of course consult an asesoria or a lawyer at any point if you feel that you would like advice.


We can't stress enough that good presentation of your house is vitally important. Photographs of a tidy house look so much better on the website and of course the standard needs to be maintained for each viewing. We recommend that you:
• de-clutter, putting away as many of your personal things as possible
• freshen up the walls and paintwork if they are looking a bit 'tired'
• remember the importance of the outside space, first impressions make all the difference clean the pool, plant flowers where possible and tidy the terraces
• ask a friend (or your friendly estate agent) to look at your house as though they were a prospective buyer and ask for their honest opinion.
Remember if you really do want to sell your house you will need to make an effort!

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