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The History Of The World Cup



A group of visionary French football administrators, led in the 1920s by the innovative Jules Rimet, are credited with the original idea of bringing the world's strongest national football teams together to compete for the title of World Champions.
The original gold trophy bore Jules Rimet's name and was contested three times in the 1930s, before the Second World War put a 12-year stop to the competition.

When it resumed, the FIFA World Cup rapidly advanced to its undisputed

Puma V's Addidas



At the time of writing this article, the 2006 World Cup is in full swing in Germany, so it seems appropriate to explore the history of two German footballing legends.

No, not Franz Beckenbauer and Ewe Seeler, but Adi (Adolf) and Rudolf Dassler. Who? I hear you cry. Well maybe Adidas (made from the name ADi DASsler) and Puma two of the world's foremost sporting marques - are more familiar?
It seems odd that a picturesque German town, Herzogenaurach, with its timbered buildings dating

Siesta Time



Do you ever feel a lull in energy levels after lunch and wish you could just have a little nap to refresh you? Nearly everyone experiences fatigue in the early afternoon which can affect our health and performance at work. A short nap can do wonders for helping us through the rest of the day.

In Britain the Siesta has not been part of our culture. But that is changing. Research shows that a siesta in the middle of a working day recharges our energy levels, increases memory, concentration

Money, Money, Money



“Money can’t buy me love” sang Paul McCartney on his way to amassing his £825 Million fortune. This would appear to be true after his very public separation with Heather Mills, which I guess also, proves that money cannot buy happiness. Or health for that matter, as Paul knows only too well as he lost his first wife Linda after she sadly lost her fight against breast cancer.

So whilst I am sure we are in agreement with the above, why are the majority of us so




The joint lowest infant mortality rate in the Americas along with Canada; we must of course, be talking about the USA. No, guess again. This is Cuba; the tropical island where music constantly fills the air.

It is very hard to write about Cuba without discussing politics as it the western hemisphere's first communist state. Cuba is held up as a gleaming example of Communism working; this is despite the USA's efforts to keep Cuba down, spending Millions of dollars on propaganda and

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