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14 kids, the Park Ranger, Competa Hikes and Axareducacion set off to the high road. Walking sticks, water bottles and quizzes in hand, the wonderful excitement that only children can provide, buzzing around us, for our monthly walk with the children of Axarquia. Kids walking A 2 hour walk ahead of us, full of the history of the Old Silk Route between Malaga and Granada, spring bloom, aromas of medicinal herbs and new life beginning again with birds nesting, butterflies skipping and bees conducting their important daily work…. And out of the clouds, that had cast their grey shadow over us for days, came the sun, happy to see us all out and about on such a rewarding mission. Every month Competa Hikes {www.competahikes.com} and Axareducacion {www.axareducacion.com}, sponsor a free day out for the children in the region, and their parents. The aim of this initiative, is to get children and their families walking together, out in the splendid natural environment that we are spoiled to live in. To show them how stimulating and exhilarating such a simple activity can be, to teach them about all the interesting plant and animal life right on their doorstep, and to commit them to preservation and conservation of the area. To give them such a love of life here at an early age so that they grow up with the respect such an environment deserves and needs of the next generation.


The Axarquia is a wildlife paradise. There's little intensive farming, limited industry, lots of wild land and a gentle climate. May is mid spring and all nature knows it: if you are a wildlife lover get out of doors and look about. Here are some of the things you might want to keep an eye out for. Flowers April and May are poppy-time – you find them scattered about banks, sometimes a rag-tag few, sometimes a field-full that wants to be a Van Gogh painting with all that implausible


The sun is out! So come along to our charity shop and grab yourself a summer bargain. We've got fabulous frocks, terrific tops and sensational skirts. Why pay a fortune for a Zara dress when you can snap one up in our shop for less than a fiver?

We've also got a well-stocked, very organised library (thank you, Megan Furniss) where you can peruse the shelves in comfort and find the perfect book to while away those lazy afternoons on your terrace or on the beach. Whether it's a book or a new outfit, our super team of volunteers are always on hand to help you find exactly what you're looking for, so pop in and see what we've got in store for you.

Our commission sales project continues to be a great success, so if you have any individual items you wish to sell (must be valued at over 50€ per item) we'll sell them for you and you'll be helping the animals at the same time. We ask for just 25% of the sale price. It's a win-win situation!


The Art Group of Sedella is to organise a fundraising event to sell paintings, drawings, photographs and art cards during the summer fiesta that will take place in the village from July 28 until August 4.

All proceeds from the sale will go to Moving4, the charity which supports children who suffer from Juvenile Arthritis in Spain, a little understood medical condition that causes chronic pain and rheumatoid arthritis in children and young people.

Juvenile Arthritis is a disease of the


Every year when we return from our holiday people ask interestedly about our trip, the ins and outs and ups and downs and then almost all say some variation of “I couldn't what you do”, when pushed as to exactly which bit they couldn't do, it almost always comes down to the hostel.

I admit 20 years ago hostels could be terrible places. In many the walls we're merely partitions that often only reached ¾ of the way to the ceiling – I never really worked out why, surely an extra foot of

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