In many aspects of life, the Spaniards have a different view to us foreigners who have decided to settle here. This is particularly true in the world of Insurance. It is only in recent years that Spaniards have thought about Life Insurance or Pension Plans, most Brits realised the benefits many years ago. However, most Spaniards have traditionally taken out Insurance to ensure that their family are not faced with the costs of paying for a funeral. The leading provider of such Insurance is SANTALUCIA, with more than 1 million policyholders. SANTALUCIA'S Family Assistance Plus policy not only covers the cost of a funeral, but is a 'One Call', hassle free policy. However there is now a lot more to the policy than providing cover for funerals. Since the policy was launched in the 1920s, the policy has been enhanced to meet the changing needs of families.

Firstly, the basic policy now includes transfer of the deceased from anywhere in the world, with the option of transfer of the deceased to their home country.

Secondly, for those between the ages of 17 and 65, the basic policy includes ACCIDENT INSURANCE, whereby a lump sum will be paid in the event of Death or Permanent Total or Partial Disability. If the accident is a Road Traffic Accident, then the amount paid will be double the amount contracted for.

Thirdly, the basic policy includes TRAVEL INSURANCE, one of the main features which is 15,000€ medical cover worldwide, together with standard features such as refund of costs if a trip has to be cancelled due to illness, up to 10 days additional hotel costs if a travelling partner has to stay with a hospitalised companion and medical repatriation back to Spain. The basic policy also includes additional MEDICAL cover for children under the age of 17 and 'Seniors' – those over the age of 65, instead of the ACCIDENT INSURANCE. In the latter case this includes an annual 'Health Check' and Assistance to the Senior Citizen and their family where, for example in the case of a Grade 3 level of
dependency, the cover includes 10 days per year in a Residential Home, to allow the family a break from their Care duties.

Finally there are further areas where Optional Cover can be obtained, including, for example, a daily payment during a stay in hospital, Free Annual Dental check ups and Discounted Rates at various clinics.

Whilst views on Insurance differ between countries, views on the needs of families are generally universal. SANTALUCIA'S Family Assistance Plus policy, has been designed to meet the needs of all 'Family Units', with the convenience of Monthly Premiums.

If you are aged between 17 and 70, and would like to find out more about SANTALUCIA'S Family Assistance Plus policy, or any other Insurance needs, please contact their English agent for this region, Ian Scott on 699 996 652.

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