Siesta Time


Do you ever feel a lull in energy levels after lunch and wish you could just have a little nap to refresh you? Nearly everyone experiences fatigue in the early afternoon which can affect our health and performance at work. A short nap can do wonders for helping us through the rest of the day.

In Britain the Siesta has not been part of our culture. But that is changing. Research shows that a siesta in the middle of a working day recharges our energy levels, increases memory, concentration and human productivity by up to 34%. If we ignore this natural need we risk having accidents on the road and at work, our levels of concentration and productivity will be lowered along with our ability to negotiate and communicate effectively. Recent studies have shown that sleep deprivation can also make weight loss more difficult.

Benefits of the Siesta:
- More energy
- Better productivity
- Less stress
- Brighter ideas
- More alertness
- Enthusiasm
- Better negotiation and communication
- Increased safety at work and while driving.
- Happiness at work

The Siesta has existed since Roman times where it was more of a physical necessity rather than a cultural one. Sleepiness is the second leading cause of automobile accidents, second only to drunkenness. It is also a major cause of work related accidents.

Famous people who napped:
Brahms napped at the piano while he composed his famous lullaby.
Napoleon napped between battles
Churchill maintained that he had to nap in order to cope with his wartime responsibilities.
Margaret Thatcher napped in order to be at her best.

In Japan companies nearly force their employees to take a nap in special “napping rooms”. If they don’t have a specific room they provide special desk pillows.

In Germany, companies are working on this new concept for their workers. One organization has offered their employees the chance to take 20 minutes extra break at lunch time to rest - 98% have accepted and don’t mind leaving work 20 minutes later.

In Britain the Siesta has not been part of our culture. But that is changing with national siesta day now on the 28th June.

In Spain it is tradition, so do what the locals do it is good for you!!

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