Image I am slowly getting known as ‘The Scrapbooking Lady’ so, who am I and what is scrapbooking all about?
Having been born and bred in Stoke-on-Trent, I remained there until my marriage at the age of 19, when I began traveling the world as an Army wife.  I later spent many years with the Probation Service, ultimately qualifying as a Welfare Officer.  During my life, I have had many ‘strings to my bow’ including years as a Lay Trade Union Officer (including being a District Publicity Officer), a teacher of Assertiveness and leading female groups on voyages of Personal Development.

Torrox Pueblo has been my home since 1992 and during these years I have followed many crafts: knitting, dressmaking, silk and glass painting, paper and felt making, weaving and rock painting, but I have found Scrapbooking to be the most satisfying.

You cut and paste, you use a choice of very beautiful papers, then as your photos, memorabilia, ribbons, lace, flowers – whatever you want – sprinkle with loving thoughts – and there you are – Scrapbooking. Telling the most unique story – YOUR story.

There is no right or wrong way. There is only YOUR way.

I think it is important to record events in your life and EVERYONE has a story, and each one is different.  If you find it difficult to record your story, then I can help.

Scrapbooking is a wonderful way of complimenting your family tree. I have done a pretty little Scrapbooking page journaling one of the rare moments when my mother was seen smiling! Just a little thing can be made interesting in an unusual way.

Births, marriages and deaths can all be told in a caring way, showing the story of someone special in your life.

I also believe in recording a very different type of memory and I can often be found wandering around Andalucia using my camera and photography skills to capture the quickly disappearing old doors, windows and walls of old Spain and recording these in the form of very unusual postcards and notelets.  

To learn more about either Scrapbooking or my postcards etc., just give me a ring. Sandra, 95 253 9357.

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