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A month by month guide of all the key festivals, parties & events all over mainland Spain and the Spanish Islands. All providing an insight as to what Spain has to offer.




A superb sizzling summer night of funk, rock and soul featuring some of the very best talent from andalucia and beyond! - hosted for the evening by Geoff Murrel.

Friday august 9th Despacho de Fernan, Cómpeta – your unmissable line-up for the night is:

GU!R! is one of the hottest rock, blues, reggae, and soul bands in Andalucía. Drummer Nik, and lead singer/guitarist Pix, formed the band together when they first met in 2002. Pix was the lead singer of John Peel´s favourite band ´The O Band´, who made four albums and were supported by ´The Police´ on tour. Pic also recorded with Andy Bown from 'Status Quo' and was signed by United Artists for a solo career. Nik was a member of the UK´s successful band 'Major Tom', and he has also worked with 'Vangelis', 'Doctor Feelgood', 'The Moodie Blues', 'Wishbone Ash', 'Curved Air', 'Johnny Kidd and The Pirates', 'The Groundhogs' and 'The Blues Band'. Nigel is GU!R!´s bass player extraordinaire who joined in 2008, from a musical background, and also sings and composes. Stef, rhythm guitarist and vocal harmonies, is a multi-talented musician, who played with several bands in the 70's and 80's, and joined GU!R! in 2010.


Lanjaron is located in the south of Spain in Andalusia. The nearest city is Granada famous for the Alhambra palace which is about an hour bus ride from this tiny hillside community. Lanjaron is famous for their natural springs water.

If you have travelled around Spain and bought some bottled water, you may have seen their bottles.
Lanjaron has several different springs located around the town. These fountains are pouring out water year round.The community knows each spring holds special powers. They believe one is for health, so if they are sick they drink from that spring. Another one may have fertility powers, and another one is the secret ingredient in making a batch of paella. So they celebrate these springs each year.

Every June the Midsummer’s Eve, the streets of this small town run with water and the community swells with people from nearby towns and cities. They gather in the city center at midnight on June 23rd for a water fight of epic proportions. It is to honor Saint John the Baptist and him baptizing Christ with water.
The clock strikes midnight and fireworks blast into the night sky starting the water war. Water guns, hoses, buckets, anything goes if it can soak someone.

The only safe place in the small town is inside the bar. If you are not inside the bar at midnight, you won’t be able to get in. They lock all the doors to every house and store. There is no place to hide. If you decide to go into the bar, you cannot leave and participate in the battle.

The springs are the main places of battle. Everyone gathers there for ammunition. Water falls from overhead as elderly women hide up there and dump buckets of water on the helpless victims below. No place is safe, be prepared to get soaked.
The war ends after an hour at 1 am with no winners. Then everyone dries and changes clothes followed by beer and free tapas.

If you have the chance, this festival is a blast to participate in. The locals are great and friendly,


Every year on June 29th, the town of Haro, in the heart of La Rioja is the site of a major battle. Hundreds of Spaniards celebrate by soaking each other with wine, using any means possible.
Squirt guns, sprayers, boxed wine and bottles are used to wet everyone within range.

Early in the morning people head out of town, on foot or by car through the vineyards and up the side of a mountain to San Felices. They make the hike up the mountain, and celebrate mass for their city's patron saint. Most dress in white from head to toe, and tie the traditional red handkerchiefs around their necks. They carry wine - in bottles, bota bags, boxes, squirt guns and even sprayers with backpacks. The mass ends and the battle begins in the hills and on the road back down to town. As everyone returns to town, they circle the main plaza while bands play typical music.

Lots of visitors park in the vineyards outside of town, and walk the rest of the way. So many cars try to park in the fields that the police direct traffic. Even walking the road through the vineyards is fair game for being squirted with wine.

Recommendations - If You're Going...

If you are going to attend the Battle, we have the following suggestions:

Dress in White - Like the saying goes, "When in Rome, do as the Romans." In this case, that means you should dress in white, at least in an old white t-shirt. If you don't, you'll stand out like a sore thumb and become more of a target.
Bring a Change of Clothing - No matter what, you'll get wet, so bring a change of clothing because it is brisk in the morning when your clothing is soaking wet. That means a change of shoes and socks, too!

Bring a Towel - Bring an old towel, so you can at least dry your hands and face.

Come Armed - Be sure to bring a large squirt gun or bota (wine skin) filled with red wine. If you don't, you'll feel frustrated after being squirted a few times with wine, and wish you could "squirt back.”

Bring Large Trash Bags - Trash bags? Yes! You'll need them! Many people cover their car's front bucket seats with large trash bags because they don't change their clothes until they get back into town. Trust us, you don't want to sit on the seats, rental or not, in wine-soaked clothing. Cover the seats in plastic and bring


June 7 - 30, 2013 (dates TBC)
Event: Suma Flamenca
Where? Madrid
What? The capital's biggest flamenco festival.

June 13-15, 2013
Event: Sonar festival.
Where? Barcelona
What? Dance music festival. Kraftwerk and Pet Shop Boys headlining in 2013.

Mid June (2013 dates TBC) in Seville.
Event: Sevilla Circada
Where? Seville.
What? Circus Festival.

June 18-23, 2013
Event: Algeciras fair
Where? Algeciras on the south coast.
What? Local festivities.

June 20-24, 2013
Event: San Juan.
Where? Popular throughout Spain but particularly in Lalín in Galicia, Palamós and Roses in Girona, Alicante and Gran Canaria
What? A celebration of the longest day of the year.

June 20-30, 2013
Event: Pride Barcelona
Where? Barcelona
What? Barcelona's Gay Pride. The main days of the event are from June 28 to 30.

June 21-22, 2013
Event: Dia de la Musica
Where? Madrid
What? Music festival featuring The Fall, The Horrors and Spiritualized in 2013. Read more about Rock and Pop Festivals in Spain in 2013

June 21-28, 2013
Event: Cinema Jove International Film Festival
Where? Valencia
What? Youth cinema festival.

June 22, 2013 (date TBC)
Event: Noche en Blanca de Flamenco
Where? Cordoba
What? (Mostly) free flamenco concerts throughout the night.

June 22-July 8, 2013 (dates TBC)
Event: International Festival of Music and Dance
Where? Granada
What? A celebration of flamenco and classical music that attracts some excellent musicians.

June 23-25, 2013
Event: Fiesta del Agua y Jamon
Where? Lanjarón, in the Alpujarras region near Granada
What? Water and Ham Festival, the town's two most famous exports. The water festival is just an excuse for a giant water fight. Revellers from all over the country take to the streets with buckets and water pistols. Then they feast on locally-produced ham. A novel event that is worth a visit.

June 28-29, 2013
Event: Azkena Rock Festival
Where? Near Vitoria in the Basque Country
What? It's a rock music festival!

June 29, 2013
Event: Batalla del Vino
Where? In Haro, La Rioja
What? A 'wine battle' much like the Tomatina Tomato Fight, only with locally produced wine! Takes place in the morning - so don't be late! Check out this Batalla del Vino Party Tour

Last Saturday in June (TBC)
Event: Potaje Gitano
Where? Utrera, Seville.
What? Flamenco festival


Traditions, Spring Flowers, Religious Festivals all combine as part of this two week festival in Cordoba which has been held since 1918.

During the event the Virgen Conquistadora pilgrimage to Linares Sanctuary takes place, with riders and beautifully ornate carriages on a route through the mountains. There is a competition of May crosses and another of decorated patios, window grilles and balconies, covering the most typical parts of the city in flowers.

"Enjoy the Patios" is a project of the "Claveles y Gitanillas" Courtyards Association and is aimed at showing the public the courtyards of Cordoba during April, May and June, in all their floral and decorative splendour, when the owners of 25 houses with courtyards open their doors to visitors.
The idea arose as a new cultural tourist attraction in the city, helping to support the upkeep of the courtyards and as an addition to the Popular Competition of Patios, Window-grilles and Balconies which, since 1933, has been organized by Cordoba Town Hall.

"Enjoy the Patios" is a way of taking a pleasant stroll through the heart of Cordoba round the following city districts:

From the attractive, winding streets of the Old Jewish Quarter and the Alcazar Viejo, to the oldest districts of the city, close to the unique Mosque-Cathedral, then visit the courtyards in the streets Maese Luis 22, Judíos 6, Martín de Roa 2 & 9 and San Basilio 14, 17 & 22.

Next, the heart of the Cordoban Axerquía to enjoy the atmosphere of the ancient Fernandine churches of Santiago, San Pedro, San Lorenzo, San Agustin and Santa Marina, visiting the courtyards in the streets Juan Tocino 3, Pastora 2, San Juan de Palomares 8, Alvar Rodríguez 11, Frailes 6, Guzmanas 4, Aceite 8, Barrionuevo 31 & 43, Tinte 9, Conde de Arenales 4, Mariano Amaya 4, Parras 5 & 6, Pozanco 6 & 21, La Palma 3 and Isabel II 1.

To visit the courtyards you need a ticket, which entitles you to visit every courtyard once on the opening days (Friday, Saturday and Sunday). Tickets can be bought at any of the participating courtyards.

Ticket Prices:
1 person: 6 euros
2 persons: 10 euros

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