DIA DE LA TRILLA - 14th July

The Town Hall and good people of Sedella are proud to present the first "Dia de la Trilla" on the 14th July.

Things kick off at 12am. What on earth is that you may ask? Fiesta of what?! To trillar means to thresh and part of the fiesta is a demonstration of this traditional art that was part and parcel of everyday life in our white washed villages. Also, on offer is the opportunity to sample local dishes and goodies on offer from local companies based in the Axarquia at a small mercadillo.


At 2pm in the Plaza there shall be local dishes on offer for all to try. Goodies such as gazpacho (wonderful in the heat), hinojos (a stew of aniseed and blood sausage), ensalada cateta (a potato and orange salad) and goat. This is free and provided by the townhall.

If you fancy a boogie a band shall play from 2pm onwards and another great idea is the "tapasporte". You can obtain your tapasporte from the bars in the Sedella and if you order a drink you get a tapas to sample along side it. Each bar has a stamp and after you obtain a stamp from each bar you are entered into a raffle. Not a bad way to pass an afternoon!

Sedella also has a cracking visitors centre in the village, it is open Friday to Sunday from 10 am to 2pm and then from 5pm to 9pm. It has information in all languages and a brilliant area showing all there is to know about the natural park and the area using touch, smells, sounds, etc. It also has an area for kids to play and draw and a small but good shop with goodies of all sorts.

What else can you do in Sedella? Well it is part of the Mudejar route and boasts a tower that dates back to 500 years ago. The nicest way to view this is with a cool beer and a good tapas at the Plaza bar! There is also a Roman bridge which is well signposted and worth the 10 min walk for the amazing views. The walk is suitable for all ages and the photo opportunities are abound.
Sedella is a beautiful village but what makes it special is it is so friendly. The setting is stunning, right at the foot of Maroma and with views to the sea.

The name Sedella comes from the Queen Isabal, during a battle between Moors and Christians in an area of the village called the "Arroyo de la matanza" she was informed of the war and replied with "SE-DE-ELLA". Meaning I know of it..The name stuck.
The village is steeped in history and although is developing with the times.it retains its roots and is proud to do so.

The Mayor of the Sedella José Antonio Gutiérrez Gutiérrez says "We are really excited to introduce the first "Day of the Trilla" to Sedella. We welcome with open arms visitors to the village and invite them to enjoy themselves learning about a traditional labour and to taste the delicious foods of the area”

"Sedella is in the heart of the natural park and we guarantee visitors shall be impressed with the beautiful views and the friendliness of the Sedellanos"
Parking is easy on the day of the fiesta. Cars can be parked on the fiesta ground on the outskirts of the village. This is within easy walking distance to the centre of Sedella.

Sedella is located 8 kilometres from Canillas de Aceituno and 20 mins. from Competa. Come along and join in the fun of this first "Dia de la Trilla", what better way too spend a Sunday than eating good food, dancing and learning an art that was a way of life in this beautiful village.
See you there!

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