Traditions, Spring Flowers, Religious Festivals all combine as part of this two week festival in Cordoba which has been held since 1918.

During the event the Virgen Conquistadora pilgrimage to Linares Sanctuary takes place, with riders and beautifully ornate carriages on a route through the mountains. There is a competition of May crosses and another of decorated patios, window grilles and balconies, covering the most typical parts of the city in flowers.

"Enjoy the Patios" is a project of the "Claveles y Gitanillas" Courtyards Association and is aimed at showing the public the courtyards of Cordoba during April, May and June, in all their floral and decorative splendour, when the owners of 25 houses with courtyards open their doors to visitors.
The idea arose as a new cultural tourist attraction in the city, helping to support the upkeep of the courtyards and as an addition to the Popular Competition of Patios, Window-grilles and Balconies which, since 1933, has been organized by Cordoba Town Hall.

"Enjoy the Patios" is a way of taking a pleasant stroll through the heart of Cordoba round the following city districts:

From the attractive, winding streets of the Old Jewish Quarter and the Alcazar Viejo, to the oldest districts of the city, close to the unique Mosque-Cathedral, then visit the courtyards in the streets Maese Luis 22, Judíos 6, Martín de Roa 2 & 9 and San Basilio 14, 17 & 22.

Next, the heart of the Cordoban Axerquía to enjoy the atmosphere of the ancient Fernandine churches of Santiago, San Pedro, San Lorenzo, San Agustin and Santa Marina, visiting the courtyards in the streets Juan Tocino 3, Pastora 2, San Juan de Palomares 8, Alvar Rodríguez 11, Frailes 6, Guzmanas 4, Aceite 8, Barrionuevo 31 & 43, Tinte 9, Conde de Arenales 4, Mariano Amaya 4, Parras 5 & 6, Pozanco 6 & 21, La Palma 3 and Isabel II 1.

To visit the courtyards you need a ticket, which entitles you to visit every courtyard once on the opening days (Friday, Saturday and Sunday). Tickets can be bought at any of the participating courtyards.

Ticket Prices:
1 person: 6 euros
2 persons: 10 euros

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