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The sun is out! So come along to our charity shop and grab yourself a summer bargain. We've got fabulous frocks, terrific tops and sensational skirts. Why pay a fortune for a Zara dress when you can snap one up in our shop for less than a fiver?

We've also got a well-stocked, very organised library (thank you, Megan Furniss) where you can peruse the shelves in comfort and find the perfect book to while away those lazy afternoons on your terrace or on the beach. Whether it's a book or a new outfit, our super team of volunteers are always on hand to help you find exactly what you're looking for, so pop in and see what we've got in store for you.

Our commission sales project continues to be a great success, so if you have any individual items you wish to sell (must be valued at over 50€ per item) we'll sell them for you and you'll be helping the animals at the same time. We ask for just 25% of the sale price. It's a win-win situation!


The cultivation of bananas began in South East Asia in around 500BC. From there they were taken to Africa, via Madagascar, and, during the 6th century became established along the Mediterranean coastline. They reached the Canary Isles from Guinea, via the Portuguese, and it is believed that the Spanish took the banana to America.

The Canary banana varies in looks and taste from the common banana we would more commonly see in the rest of Europe and yet its origins are very similar. Both are varieties of the Cavendish – by far the most cultivated in the world – and the main differences are in growing and ripening techniques linked to consumer markets. The weather in the Canary Islands is not tropical and it can be variable. This means that the banana spends longer on the ´tree´- up to 6 months compared with the typical 3 months on a tropical plantation. This gives the Canary banana a higher level of ripeness, flavour and aroma. It has a higher moisture content, making it tastier that its more floury counterpart and it has higher potassium levels. Canarian bananas are picked just 2 weeks before optimum ripeness compared to a month or more for central American crops; thus the flavour will always be better and the reduced carbon footprint has meant that the Canarian crop is now finding increased markets within Europe.

The banana crop in the Canary Islands is a very important product representing 33% of the agricultural industry. Each year 400 million kilos of bananas are grown providing direct or indirect employment for around 30,000 people. 80% of the banana plantations there are operated by small producers with one hectare, or less, of land.This is in direct competition to the big guys of Central America – companies such as Chiquita/Fyffes, the largest, Dole and Del Monte – who account for more than half of the world´s exports which total some 105 million tonnes annually.


Internet is an important part of most people´s lives; email, Smart phones, TV, Kindles, Play Stations...the list of devices that require an internet connection is endless, and then there is finding an Internet provider that can give you an adequate service to meet your needs.

Techno Vision have heard every internet complaint known to mankind....with that in mind, they set out to find a solid solution to the internet problems their customers were facing.
The 3G/4G Unlimited Internet package they now offer works all over Spain receiving download speeds up to 50mbps. It has been tested for 12 months with Techno Vision´s systems and they are very happy with the results, even in campo areas.


A new EU law on food allergens means that gluten-free food will be more easily identified and available to those with coeliac disease or any of the many other common allergies triggered by problem foods.

Since last December, Cantueso, along with other restaurants and food outlets, have been legally obliged to list and advise when dishes contain any one of 14 key allergens known to cause allergic reactions. They must display a notice advising customers that this information is available, and

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