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As part of its Cultural week, the Ayuntamiento of Canillas de Albaida proudly presents the Fourth Night of Multi-cultural Music and Dance to be held in the Plaza (main square) in Canillas de Albaida on Sunday 4th October. Admission to the event is free but there will be opportunities to donate to local charities. The idea behind the event is to create an evening of music originating from as many countries as possible and we have performers from Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Spain, England, Ireland, Wales, Sardinia, Africa, Holland and France.


It was a pleasure to interview Alick and Debbie as they celebrate their 10th anniversary. The Grapevine was with them from the start and has often advertised their services and seen their business model change and grow over the last 10 years. 10 years is a fantastic achievement, even more so as foreigners in a country only just coming out of recession. For those of you that weren't here 10 years again let's start at the beginning, how did Debbie and Alick come to build a business in Competa 10 years ago? Alick started his working life in the Metropolitan Police Service but found this profession wasn't for him and moved into financial services while Debbie enjoyed rising through the ranks of a pharmaceutical company. Both were successful, busy people enjoying their working lives and accepting the stresses that went with it. However, Debbie was hit with redundancy and this marked a re-evaluation as to what was important to them. Did they really want to continue with their fast paced lives or should they use this moment to make some changes?


August for me is holiday time; a time when gardens, gardeners and the garden centre close down! So I´m writing this from Cádiz province with its wild Atlantic coast. The Levante wind is blowing, sandblasting skin and plants alike so it seemed like a good time to look at wind-resistant plants in preparation for those winter blows back home! As all us campo people know, it´s not only on the coastlines that the wind can blow and it is the harsh scorching winds that burn plants up, literally desiccating them. Of course, along this windswept coastline the predominant tree is the Mediterranean pine fringing all the sand dunes and looking like mounds of green cumulus clouds when seen en masse. The promenades still have their marches of palms, though somewhat reduced by the beetle, but peering into gardens gives a greater variation of plants. Most importantly for any windy spot are trees, not only for summer shade but to break the force of the wind and supply shelter for the more tender – plants and humans! Building up a windbreak is imperative; trees, then shrubs for density and then more special plants. If space is tight, or in the short term, some sort of windbreak material, such as split cane to filter the wind, will make a huge difference.


Lorraine Cavanagh CompetaI always think that gardens by night are sadly ignored and yet they can be stunningly beautiful with their pattern of light and shadow - and super romantic too.

As light levels fall, our other senses become sharper and thus we are drawn – like moths and other night-time pollinators – by soft scents and piercing perfumes alike. Summer evenings here are made for enjoyment; it's a comfortable time to be outside, lingering over dinner under the stars; ideal to sit and relax letting all the stresses and worries of the day fade away. So create a bit of bewitchment in your night-time garden, here´s how.

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