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At the moment the rate for VAT applicable for tourist Rentals is 10%. The application of this rate depends upon the complementary services that are offered.

We can take as a reference the following services expressly determined by the General Directorate of Taxes to be considered as complementary Services that are directly related to the hotel industry: 

· Weekly cleaning inside the accommodation. 

· Weekly change of linen and bedding.

On the contrary, the following services are NOT considered to be directly related complimentary services:
·Entrance and exit cleaning service.

· Linen and bedding change service provided only at entrance and exit.

· Cleaning services for common areas (i.e. foyer, stairs, and lifts), nor in the urbanization (i.e. green areas, entrances, and pathways).

· Technical assistance for any repairs carried out for plumbing or electrical faults, glass, lock, or appliance breakage or repairs.


A holistic, effective, safe and non-manipulative therapy to correct misalignments in the spine and joints and a true self-help method!

The DORN method is named after its inventor Dieter DORN. He invented this self-help method already in the 1970ies in the South of Germany. Since its invention and till to date it has been improved and further developed by Dieter Dorn himself and by the many others who have learned and practiced this fantastic method. 

The DORN method is a soft and very effective method to treat diseases and symptoms related with the spine and/or the joints. It is a form of manual therapy and treats vertebras and joints which are blocked or subluxated.


La Cabra Peluda bar in Archez has recently opened its doors.  It was formally known as La Pena and is under new ownership of Gavin and Sabrina although Gavin will take on the major role of running the business.

 They have had a house in Canillas de Albaida since 2010 but made the permanent move to Spain in November of last year. Sabrina and Gavin ran a 17 room, 2 restaurant Hotel with public bar in Guernsey for 10 years and previous to this a bar/restaurant for 7 years and prior to this an Irish bar in the UK. They are certainly not new to the hospitality business!

The move to Spain was to change the pace of their lives although from the start Gavin was on the lookout for an opportunity to do something which could combine business and sociability, which ultimately was another bar! After a couple of ideas that didn’t come to fruition they were introduced to Carmen who owned La Pena .They were able to work out a deal with her so Gavin and Sabrina took over the lease form the 1st May this year. 


This month I met with Dierk Pfeiffer of Axarquia Properties. Axarquia Properties was formally owned by Sally Harrison who I had the pleasure of working with many times over the 20 years she was in the property industry.  However, last year, Sally decided to retire and thus approached Dierk to see if he would be interested in taking over her business. 

Dierk is not new to Estate Agency having known Sally for at least the last 5 years and owned Andalucia Real Estate. Originally from Germany he has lived in the Canary Islands, the Dominican Republic and travelled round Europe. He believes it is this experience of buying in different countries, with different cultures and settling into a new lifestyle that gives him the understanding to ensure his clients buy the right type of property, in the right place, with all the support needed to be comfortable and happy in their new environment. It is extremely important to Dierk that he is viewed as more than just an Estate Agency. It isn't just about selling houses it's about providing a service from before a sale and not ending with the sale. The following testimonials from a clients proves just that.

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