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The 2nd International Art Symposium LUZ will soon take place! The concept of the symposium is to bring artists together. Professional, experienced and talented artists from all over the world are selected, from either a painting, sculpting or drawing background. The Artists will have the chance to make new contacts, be inspired, and possibly develop themselves further. They will also of course get the opportunity to enjoy the rich Spanish culture. The event will be open to the public. The Symposium will open on Monday October 17th. at 11am. There will be a welcome ceremony for the artists with each of them giving a brief talk about their art. Ten artists will participate, from the countries of; Poland, Denmark, Belgium, Spain, Belarus, Armenia and the Netherlands. If all goes as planned also artists from Azerbaijan and India. In fact the week begins on Saturday the 15th October when the artists first arrive. Sunday 16th is an excursion day in cultural Malaga. From Monday the 17th to Friday the 21st, they are at work in public areas in the centre of Competa; the Salon de Actos, 'Casa la Fabula', the home of Danish artist Eva Joensen and the gallery garden. Villagers, art lovers and tourists can come and observe the process of creation. The artists are working in their own particular style, with spontaneity, originality and creativity. The great thing about this event, is that people can meet the artist in person.


14 kids, the Park Ranger, Competa Hikes and Axareducacion set off to the high road. Walking sticks, water bottles and quizzes in hand, the wonderful excitement that only children can provide, buzzing around us, for our monthly walk with the children of Axarquia. Kids walking A 2 hour walk ahead of us, full of the history of the Old Silk Route between Malaga and Granada, spring bloom, aromas of medicinal herbs and new life beginning again with birds nesting, butterflies skipping and bees conducting their important daily work…. And out of the clouds, that had cast their grey shadow over us for days, came the sun, happy to see us all out and about on such a rewarding mission. Every month Competa Hikes {} and Axareducacion {}, sponsor a free day out for the children in the region, and their parents. The aim of this initiative, is to get children and their families walking together, out in the splendid natural environment that we are spoiled to live in. To show them how stimulating and exhilarating such a simple activity can be, to teach them about all the interesting plant and animal life right on their doorstep, and to commit them to preservation and conservation of the area. To give them such a love of life here at an early age so that they grow up with the respect such an environment deserves and needs of the next generation.


It is said that the moringa tree could virtually eliminate worldwide malnutrition. Importantly, it is endemic to or can be grown in many of the most impoverished countries and those that are constantly being hit by food crises. It has been identified as the vegetable with the highest nutritional value; the abundant leaves are rich in proteins, all essential amino acids, and a high range of vitamins and minerals and disease-fighting anti-oxidants. They have been used for centuries in traditional medicine and Ayurvedic medicine associates it with the cure or prevention of about 300 diseases, including lowering blood sugar levels, as an anti-inflammatory and it naturally controls cholesterol levels. This miracle tree is certainly causing a stir – every part of the tree can be used - leaves, flowers, seeds, bark and roots. 100 g of fresh leaves contains the same protein as an egg, as much calcium as a glass of milk and as much vitamin C as an orange. The same amount of dried concentrated leaves contain 9 times the protein of a pot of yogurt, 10 times the vitamin A of a similar weight of carrots, 15 times the potassium of a banana, 17 times the calcium of a glass of milk, 12 times the vitamin C of an orange and 25 times the amount of a similar serving of spinach.


Rentals are sensitive to the general economic situation, and in times of abundance cases of unpaid rent are rare. However, in times of crisis many tenants start to have problems and late or non-payment occurs more frequently. Currently, it's not unusual that landlords can find themselves faced with these problems. Based on our extensive experience in such cases, we at Axarquía Solicitors would advise a landlord to firstly to speak to the tenant directly in order to find out if it's simply a late payment or if it's a more serious continuing problem that could be repeated or even get worse. It is important to determine the reason for the late or non-payment so that the appropriate action can be taken. The following situations are likely:

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Sometimes Spain can be a very surreal place. It is a country where you might hear Christmas carols in August (as part of the New Year's Eve in August...
It is an exciting time for the members of CompetaArt. We have just finished a very successful exhibition in the Sala de Exposiciones Municipal in Nerja....
There were five lanes of traffic: the extreme right shortly filtered off just past the traffic lights; we were next to that; there was an over-taking...
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You live in Cómpeta, have you lived here all your life?Almost all my life, from 1978-1982 I lived in Malaga, but the rest of the time I've lived...

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