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An Interview with Luis Ruiz Ortega who has had a construction business in Competa for over 30 years and has now opened an Estate Agents at the bottom of the Village of Competa opposite Tejauto garage. Una entrevista con Luis Ruiz Ortega que ha tenido un negocio de construcción en Competa desde hace más de 30 años y ahora ha abierto una agencia inmobiliaria en la parte inferior del pueblo de Cómpeta enfrente del garaje Tejauto. Ha vivido en Competa toda su vida? Nací en Cómpeta, pero a los 5 años me mudé a la Palma de Mallorca, pero a los 8 años volví a mí pueblo natal de Cómpeta. Have you lived in Competa all your life? I was born in Cómpeta, but moved to Majorca when I was 5 and at 8 years old came back to my birthplace Cómpeta. ¿Qué te gusta de Cómpeta? Me encanta la gente, la tranquilidad, el turismo que ofrece este precioso pueblo, y seguro que no soy el único en decir que Cómpeta y su gente son maravillosos. What do you love about Competa? I love the people, the tranquillity, the tourism this great village has to offer, and I am sure I am not the first in saying that Cómpeta and its people are marvellous.


August, for me, conjures up sand and sea; it's the month of holidays for many and what better place to spend it than on the beach. Seaside runs the whole gamut from rather quaint, picturesque, Victorian-style with donkeys on the beach (a childhood thing, as I don´t suppose that is allowed anymore!); the colourful beaches of Southern France with striped windbreaks and tumbles of painted houses; exotic and tropical sands framed by green palm fronds; to tiny bays at the feet of gaunt rocky outcrops. My personal idea of sandy perfection is Spain´s Atlantic coast with its kilometres of fine white sand; I like its rather wild, woolly and untamed look. There's so much of it that, even in full holiday season, you can always still find your own private corner. There´s nearly always a breeze to cool and give you that wind-swept look; sometimes it sandblasts you too! There are rock pools to fascinate with their sea life for hours and, of course, those magnificent rolling waves.


Bodegas Bentomiz, just above Sayalonga off the main road towards Cómpeta, is one of the leading producers of fine wines in Málaga. Their Ariyanas range includes red, white and rosé, sweet and dry, and has had national and international success, winning plaudits and prizes in the competitive world market. We reported last year how, with the completion of their beautiful light and airy modern building they were expanding their “eno-tourism” offer to include wine-centred lunches, alongside the winery tours and wine tastings. The reaction has been so positive that TripAdvisor has awarded them a “Certificate of Excellence” for 54 five-star reviews from Spanish, British, Dutch, Belgian, Swedish, Irish, Danish and Norwegian visitors! This is mainly due to the quality of the food and wine itself but the beautiful location is also part of the attraction: visitors and residents alike respond to the spectacular views.


All buyers of property in Spain start their search on-line and therefore, making your property stand out, is essential. Currently, buyers have over 200,000 Spanish properties to choose from on Spain's leading property sales website. The formula for success is quite simple. Creative Property Marketing believes that empowering sellers to get the best marketing for their home is vital. Making sure a property is visible and well-presented on-line guarantees great internet 'curb appeal' – the equivalent to a successful UK drive past that results in a viewing! 1. It is rare to find two homes for sale in Spain that are identical - every home has a rare quality. This usually applies to homes for sale in an urban setting or in the countryside. Therefore, every Spanish home has a unique selling point relating to its structure, how it is decorated/finished, location or views. Realising this unique quality and promoting it, is key. Its likely, there is a buyer out there searching for the rare quality your home offers. Ensuring the title on your property details include your unique selling point is imperative. This is what will stop a buyer when searching on-line and encourage them to read more and ultimately organise a viewing!

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