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This month we interview Aurelia and Natalia from El Cortijo restaurant in Competa. Este mes entrevistamos Aurelia y Natalia de restaurante El Cortijo en Competa. Have you lived in Competa all your lives? We are two women, Natalia and Aurelia. Aurelia is from a village near Competa, called Arenas, however she has been living in Competa for 19 years. Natalia is from Latvia and has lived in Competa for 15 years. Ha vivido en Competa toda sus vidas? Somos dos mujeres , Natalia y Aurelia Aurelia es de un pueblo cercano a Competa , llamado Arenas , y lleva viviendo en Competa 19 años.Yo Natalia , soy de Latvia , vivo en Competa 15 años. What do you like about Competa? Competa is a town where 30 distinct nationalities reside. The Competa lanscape combines the coast and the beautiful mountains. ¿Qué os gusta de Cómpeta? Competa es un pueblo , unico donde conviven personas de 30 nacionalidades distintas.Los paisajes de Competa tambien son unicos con una convinacion de costas y montañas preciosas. Did you always want to own your own business? Our restaurant "El Cortijo" is our first business. Life often gives opportunities to learn new things. Our motto is: everything is possible, if you really want and you do everything for it. You never know the opportunities or surprises that life can give you.


The biggest trees in the world are the Giant Sequoias or Redwoods; they are probably one of the oldest known things on Earth. The biggest living tree of all is known as General Sherman. It is 83.8m tall with a girth, at near ground level, of 31.3m; the spread of the crown is 33m and the first branch breaks at 40m. It is probably about 2000 years old. Mega in every way! These giant trees grow naturally in the higher elevations of the Sierra Nevada mountains in California; not so very different to our climate here around Cómpeta. The name sequoia is believed to be taken from the famous Cherokee Indian, Sequoyah who is accredited with the Cherokee syllabary, or writing by symbols. The big red tree named for the famous red man! Now I'm not suggesting you plant one of those giants but we do have something very special for you in the garden centre – the weeping sierra redwood or sequoiadendron giganteum 'pendulum'. It's an altogether much smaller proposition, to around 12m high and 1m, or a little more, wide and a real character of a tree. It is fantastical, whimsical and fun, forming mystical and mythical shapes; on dark wintry nights it can appear spooky and ghostly, like something from the wonderful tales of the Brothers Grimm.


Bodegas Bentomiz in Sayalonga is planning to celebrate Christmas in style with live music and sumptuous dining … and one or two glasses along the way … Every winery has its own personality and Bodegas Bentomiz, the business that Dutch owners Clara and André began as a hobby, is distinguished by a mixture of hedonism, elegance and the capacity to create a perfect environment for the enjoyment of gastronomy and culture. Their beautiful building is typical of their approach – it stands out as unusual; it is stylish and modern, but they chose to clad the outside in a slate that looks like the local bedrock, so that it blends in perfectly with its environment. The same could be said of Clara and André! In the last year, as the reputation of their wonderful wine-centred restaurant has grown (see their TripAdvisor reviews and you will see that the superlatives are deserved), they have begun to venture into events, from private birthday parties to full-blown concerts with the most wonderful, vibrant music played as the sun went down at concerts in July and September.


10 years ago Buy a Home Spain, originally called Rent a Home Spain, was started by Angela Taylor from her villa in Torre del Mar. Angela and Austin Taylor had bought a second villa in Spain and therefore decided to rent out their holiday villa for £1,500 a week. The a few friends who wanted to do the same, asked for help. As Angela had run a number of her own businesses in the UK and, ever the entrepreneur, she was happy to help and soon Rent a home Spain was launched with Angela working from home. In 2006, they moved permanently to Spain to retire; however due to the recession, Austin ended up going back and forth to the UK continuing with his previous business whist Angela built up their business in Spain. The business took off immediately and became too much for Angela firstly to run from home and secondly to run on her own. Austin found commuting back and forth from the UK exhausting, so they took the gamble to invest in their business and open up a shop front for their Rent a Home business in Torre Del Mar. The idea was to continue with rentals but also diversify into house sales too. The location was Avenida de Andalucía, a great spot, but the premises soon became too small for them and they moved to a bigger office as the business grew. In fact, it was house sales that were becoming the more dominant part of the business, so not only was there a location change they also changed their name to include Buy a Home Spain.

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