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Man Flu

 Apparently a shingles epidemic has hit town, as Karen relays the gory details of those struck down with this horrible illness Andy starts to fidget, “I’ve been feeling a bit off all week” he says, Karen asks if he has a rash and promptly dashes upstairs to check. 
This isn’t an unusual occurrence in our house. Emotional contagion syndrome refers to those who are compelled to mimic and synchronize facial expressions, vocalizations, postures, and

Gorgeous Grasses!


Many of you have asked if we can increase our range of ornamental grasses in the garden centre – so I'm pleased to tell you that we have. In fact we've gone very grassy!


Ornamental grasses have been popular and well used in the U.S. for many years but their presence in gardens in Europe has largely been attributed to the Dutch gardener, Piet Oudolf. His whole style of gardening, using soft swathes of grasses and perennials has been named prairie planting and he makes great use of

Dancing with the Stars

 An elegant evening of dance performed under a star-festooned sky 
Please join us for a night of Enchantment at CAMPO’s Midsummer Dance Gala being held at the Hotel Rural Alberdini on the nights of Saturday 23rd and Sunday 24th June, 2012. 

A thoroughly cultural evening combined with a magical line-up is promised hosted by the CAMPO and Alberdini Teams in the only way they know how …  you know you are in for a good night!


A Trip to Valencia



The official name for an irrational fear of trains is Siderodromophobia. Not very catchy and a bit long. Here is my suggestion – Renfobia, an irrational fear and dislike of trains (especially those operated by Renfe, the Spanish train operator). In the last month I have become Renphobic. The cause of this? A recent trip to Valencia. The purpose of the trip was to accompany my sister Kim and my brother-in-law Chris who had tickets to watch the motorcycle Grand Prix.

At the time of

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You live in Cómpeta, have you lived here all your life?Almost all my life, from 1978-1982 I lived in Malaga, but the rest of the time I've lived...

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