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Back in 2011, my eldest daughter Ella proposed two exciting projects. She had been living in Sydney, Australia since November 2009 and was planning her return to the UK in early summer 2012. Her first suggestion was that I meet her somewhere midway and spend a few weeks travelling together. The second was that I join her in her quest to walk part of the Camino de Santiago de Compostela during her thirtieth year, in 2013.

Ella did lots of research relating to the first expedition and we duly


At last La boutique in the village of competa is now open. The huge 3 floor department store has been the vision of Jose (owner of Portichuello Ferreteria) and his fiancée Lisa.

It has taken him nearly 8 years to transform the original second floor shop within the family building to the store it is today. The building can be found on the left hand side as you enter Competa on the way to the car park. This building started as a ground level herbal and drug store run by Jose’s family. When



The sun roses (cistusspp) are some of the most lovely, fleeting and delicate of flowers and yet the plants are as tough as old boots! They’re the ones you see growing wild in the campo, smothered in pale-petalled tissue-paper like flowers in springtime. Thoroughly Mediterranean,native to dry parts of the Iberian Peninsula and the Canaries, they grow in impossibly rough ground, rocky, stony, and in full sun, exposed to all the elements and they obviously relish it.


There are some 20


It was the 9th December and there I was standing on the start line of the Keyworth Scouts 30th annual Turkey Trot Half Marathon.

The reason I was there had all begun with a conversation I’d had with my sister some three months earlier. She had, in the past two years, at the tender age of ** (she wouldn’t appreciate me advertising her age!) taken up running and had been regularly running 10KM and half marathons, she had also completed the Edinburgh Marathon earlier in 2012.

As I was due to fly back to the UK to see my parents at Christmas I had jokingly said to my sister that if there was a 10KM or fun run in the local area I would support her and take part. A phone call a month later led to informing me that she had applied for the both of us to take part in the Turkey Trot and that we were in!

GULP….training commenced, although several years ago I had completed half marathons and three marathons, the previous decade had passed without any form of training. It was during these early training runs that I began to think of how my pain could be turned into gain and having run the 2003 Flora London Marathon for Children with Leukemia I felt that raising money for a local charity would be a good idea. We had recently been involved with the rehoming of Dee’s dogs through Action for Animals and realised how essential funding is in order for it to carry out its work.
So there I was Action for Animals T shirt and Elf hat in place ready to go. 2hrs 14 minutes and 19seconds later and in 732 and 733 places respectively from a starting lineup of 1100, my sister and I crossed the line.
Many thanks go to all of the individual sponsors, to Nina at the Action for Animals shop, Lisa and Juan of Naturvets, Gloypat, Marco Polo, Terteria Herbabuena who have all donated and managed to raise €380 which will all go to helping animals in distress.

On the 3rd February 2013 I will be taking part in the Torremolinos Half Marathon in preparation for the Mablethorpe Marathon in October, watch out for those sponsorship forms!

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