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It's almost time for Scruffs 2013! On Saturday May 11th Action for Animals will once again team up with the Pavo Real to bring you a fabulous fun-filled afternoon with our four-legged furry friends.

Bring your dog along and you could win a trophy. But you don't have to bring a dog to join in the fun. There will be plenty more to enjoy, including the fabulous belly dancers from Benajarafe who delighted us all last year with their fantastic performance. Get there early or you'll miss them! Look for our full page advert in this edition of the Grapevine for more details of Scruffs.


At Sunset Properties Spain we have been advised of a new Royal Decree No. 235 which was formalised in Spain on 5 April 2013 and which will come into effect on 1 June 2013 requiring all property owners who have a property either for sale or for long term rent to obtain an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) for their property.

The introduction of EPCs in Spain comes as a result of the European Directive for the Energy Performance of Buildings which applies to


We are still reeling from the attacks of the palm weevil or picudorojoand we now need to square up to another attacker – the agave weevil or picudonegro,scyphophorusacupunctatus.It doesn't yet seem to be in our area of the Costa del Sol but, make no mistake, it's on its way!
The huge and seemingly invincible agave Americana that we see growing wild and in so many public gardens and parks and private gardens is its preferred host. Incredible as it seems, this little bug can topple those


You have probably read in the local press of the financial crisis that has now hit Cudeca. The current economic situation that we are all experiencing resulted in Cudeca closing their 2012 books with losses in excess of e400,000.

This was due to a number of reasons…..a) the Spanish saving banks reducing their amount of sponsorship b) Cudeca have been unable to sell any of the properties that have been left to them despite lowering price values. c) The 12 Cudeca charity shops have seen a

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