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XXXVIII Noche del vino - 15th of August 2013

In honour of D. José Monge Cruz:
"Camarón de la Isla"

11:00 The day begins with solemn mass in the honour of Our Lady of the Assumption in the parish
church in the Plaza Almijara
12.00 Traditional Treading of the Grapes
13.00 Awards ceremoy
14:00 Traditional free lunch of Migas, Bacaleo, salad, grapes and wines of Competa..
15:30 Concert

All day there is a traditional Medieval market from the Plaza Almijara to Plaza Vendimia
During the day entertainment will be provided by local dance and music groups as well as the
famous band: "Fiesta Sur"

Speeches and Flamenco with Pancapino hijo and Luis Monge


Do you Know that children can get arthritis?

More than 2000 children are currently diagnosed with this crippling disease in Spain.1 in 5 children throughout the world are born with the illness
The Art Group in Sedella are raising funds to help research and raise awareness of Juvenile Arthritis and how it effects children and their families. "We have a family in our local community which is struggling with a young child who was diagnosed with childhood arthritis at only 22 months and we all agreed we wanted to do something to help", says Elena, "We were all shocked at the severity of the condition in young children and how little was known of the disease across Europe".


Moscatel is the grape variety that dominates Málaga´s Axarquía, specifically the Moscatel de Alejandría. This fabulous grape, grown all over the steep hillsides here, is eaten fresh, dried into big, tasty raisins and pressed into wine. In recent years its potential in the highest quality fine wines – both sweet and dry – has been growing rapidly. It was the inspiration for the white wines, sweet and dry, made by Sayalonga winery Bodegas Bentomiz, now served daily in the tasting menus of three star El Celler de Can Roca, rated as the World´s best restaurant.


Once you've lived here a while and planted all the jacarandas and mimosas you want to, it can be a little difficult to find trees that are a little out-of-the-ordinary. Following on from last month's article, we've got two more beauties for you in stock at the Garden Centre, and these are both spectacular flowering trees.
The first is tabebuiaimpetiginosamore commonly known as the Pink Lapacho or Pau D'Arco tree. Believed to be indigenous to Trinidad and Tobago, it is widespread through South

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