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Following on from last month's article on more unusual herbs that cure, here is part 2. We have these plants, mentioned in the two articles, currently in stock apart from perilla, which will be available again in springtime.

Aloe arborescens, Red Hot Poker Aloe.
There are around 350 species of aloes, mostly from Africa; many have medicinal properties with a long history of traditional use.
They are succulents so will thrive on little water, plenty of sunshine and general neglect! They may be


If you start planning early enough, say the beginning of November, Christmas need not bring on a panic attack. The gifts will be despatched in good time, the decorations will be a-twinkling and the larder will be bursting to the seams. Leaving you plenty of time to sit back and enjoy.


We’ve been sourcing our Christmas groceries since June so be prepared to be wowed. As well as all the favourite festive chocolates, puddings and pies we’ll have a fantastic spread of party nibbles, special stuffings, meats and trimmings, so whether you are planning a lazy Christmas or a gastronomic feast we’ve got it all. For the Epicureans amongst you we have some fabulous gourmet items so be sure to order early so that you don’t miss out.


October 12 is celebrated as the National Day or Fiesta Nacional de Espana in Spain. It is also called the Hispanic Day or the Dia de la Hispanidad. The day is celebrated to commemorate the arrival of Columbus in Americas in 1906. It is also celebrated as the day of the Armed Forces in Spain.

It was on August 3, 1492 that Columbus first set foot from the port of Palod de la Frontera in Spain. He ended up on an island that’s part of the Caribbean now. Up until 1987, the day was celebrated as the Hispanic Day in Spain to celebrate the country’s association with Hispanidad. Hispanidad is a common community formed by countries of Hispanic origin. In 1987, through an official order, the day was renamed as the National Day of Spain. Prior to that, the National Day of Spain used to be celebrated on different dates over the years. The Hispanic Day was renamed as the National Day as a compromise between the Republicans and Conservatives. The Conservatives wanted to showcase the rich cultural heritage of the country while the Republicans wanted to showcase the strengthening democracy of the country.


You may remember Kelly Maynard from appearing in the CAMPO pantomime “Cinderella” where she gave a great performance as the Fairy godmother or you may know her as Kevin's daughter from Portichuelo Ferriteria in Competa. However, now she hopes you will remember her by her new business “Beauty and Nails” by Kelly. She has come a long way since her debut performance in Competa both in maturity and ambition.

Kelly and her family moved to Spain 8 years ago where she enrolled in the secondary school in Competa. She acknowledged she was never offered the help and support needed and has always been interested in nails. Having bought her first nail kit from Argos she taught herself, watched her mum get her nails done and then she was hooked on creating designs and pretty things for nails!! On leaving school she decided to pursue this course of training. After extensive research she found the perfect course in England that provided in depth beautytraining over 3 years.

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You live in Cómpeta, have you lived here all your life?Almost all my life, from 1978-1982 I lived in Malaga, but the rest of the time I've lived...

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