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Will you be in Andalucia at Easter and do you like art and culture? Then Cómpeta is the place to be! In this beautiful mountain village an attractive international art event is taking place for the 9th time. 22 locations will be open to the public. National, international and local artists will show their art. This year the event is bigger than ever with 38 participating artists from 10 different countries. So, it will be completely in line with what Cómpeta originally means: a crossing of roads.

The fact that the Art Walk coincides with Semana Santa creates a fascinating adventitious circumstance, as at the same time the authentic and traditional Easter processions will take place in this picturesque village.


New out-of-court procedure. The recent resolutions adopted by both the Spanish and European courts regarding floor clauses, have tipped the balance to favor the mortgage or loan holder, i.e. the debtor, rather than the bank or mortgage company.

 Last December 2016 the European Court confirmed that the clients affected by these clauses are entitled to be reimbursed all of the overpaid amounts paid from the beginning of their loan agreement, and not only from 2013 as the Spanish courts were awarding previously. The reason for this is very simple, once a clause in any agreement is judged to be null, then it has always been null, and a fixed period of when it was not cannot be justified by any means. Despite this, there are still some banks reluctant to return the money to their customers.


Coming to Spain 11 years ago Wendy and her partner Doug were inspired by the landscape, the light and of course the climate. In awe of the spectacular sunrises and sunsets they spent several years searching Andalusia for their ideal location and eventually settled on a property near Periana with spectacular views over Lake Vinuela. 

The next years were spent transforming their property into the beautiful villa which it is today. Being perfectionists everything had to be just right. The gardens were landscaped, many interesting trees and shrubs planted and unusual features created. Their tasks mainly completed, their attention turned to embrace the local culture and in particular the numerous local artists and their work.


The Spanish property slump appears to be over and reports are saying that property prices have recovered to pre-recession levels. Along the Costa del Sol there is evidence of activity regarding property development and construction with some previously uncompleted developments being bought up and finished ready for sale.

 It’s reported that up to 20% of unsold homes built prior to the global recession in 2008 were sold in 2016 and a similar amount expected to be sold in

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