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As part of its Cultural week, the Ayuntamiento of Canillas de Albaida proudly presents the Sixth Multi-cultural Night of Music to be held in the Plaza (main square) in Canillas de Albaida on Sunday 8th October. Admission to the event is free but there will be opportunities to donate to Action for Animals local charity.

The first artists to perform will be local band Jukebox Bandits, with its new and full lineup comprising of Rod Jones on keyboards, Ian Hayton on bass, acoustic guitar & vocals, Marshall Dixon on drums, Ken Peacock on flute and saxophone & Mitch France on acoustic and electric guitars, mandolin, banjo & vocals.
Jukebox Bandits will then be joined by Simon Allum from British band Tuppeny Blue who will play a selection of his own very unique songs. 


According to the Spanish Law 20/2002, approved on January 29, 2002, by the Junta de Andalucía regarding Tourism in Rural Areas, if you own a property in the countryside and want to rent it, you must comply with the following conditions:

· Properties are considered to come under this law if they are located in the countryside in an area where the population centers do not exceed 20,000 inhabitants, and when they are not on the coast.


As another summer bites the dust and we all return to work, lorry-loads of plants are arriving daily at the garden centre, re-stocking us after our end of July sale. It´s an exciting time with lots of new additions to our regular stock items. 

I've come back stuffed with memories of the lovely Cadiz coastline and the laughs we had! Merv always despairs of my navigational skills and they are somewhat wobbly, I happily admit.  I'm a member of the “you only have to turn me around once and I'm lost” school. And few understand my attempts at directions; that the Glorieta de la Paz for me is dragon tree roundabout; Avenida Andalucia becomes silk tree street or meet you on the corner of Calle Peru and Calle Bolivia is flamboyant (by name and nature) tree corner. But this summer the joint prize for sensationalism has gone to two plantings I've seen and drooled over.


You wake to the insistent static roar of hundreds of chicadas and know it will be another gaspingly hot day. Don't swelter indoors as the day goes on. This is a great time of year to find your Spanish soul. Siesta in the afternoon and enjoy the long cooler night for all it is worth. What better way to that than go to an open air concert at a winery, with wines and gourmet tapas, not to mention some seriously stylish music? Bodegas Bentomiz is offering just that.

The Bodega is just above Sayalonga in a stunningly beautiful location. On the one hand the mountains, and on the other the Mediterranean sea – between them the steep hillsides. Corumbela is almost opposite, across the valley. On this side you find the vineyard, with the vines now heavy with grapes, and the Bodega itself, a stylish modern construction, clad, unusually, in slate. The concerts take place in the forecourt of this building, while upstairs is a lovely airy salon where wine and tapas can be served. 

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