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Spain is a country with a well known Catholic tradition. The carnival is, therefore, celebrated before the 40 days of Lent as a way to let loose before the prohibitions of the upcoming religious holidays. Most Andalucian towns stage some kind of parade, and there is usually a dance and a "Carnival Queen" contest.

Most towns celebrate the carnival with processions either the weekend before or after the above dates. Cities and larger towns have festivities lasting all week or longer.


Good news my fellow ex-pats!!! We are moving at last, towards our favourite time of year and the main reason for most of us becoming 'ex-pats' in the first place. The days are getting longer, the evenings are getting lighter and we will soon be going inside our houses to cool down rather than outside to warm up. Yes, it's almost summertime.

I don't know about you, but it's at this time of year that I start to get really excited about the wonderfully warm, lazy days of a Spanish summer. The thought of waking up each morning to find the sun already streaming through my bedroom window fills me with joy and an unnatural urge to get out of bed (something I've never experienced prior to living in Spain). The knowledge that my poor, neglected feet will once again be given the attention they deserve in order to be presentable in sandals, having spent the winter months crammed into socks and boots. The guarantee that if I put out washing it will be dry and fresh smelling within half an hour, rather than the two days it takes during winter time, always assuming it stays on the line and doesn't get blown halfway down the mountain in the gales! I swear I saw a woman in Torrox Costa wearing a pair of trousers that had blown off my washing line, I didn't say anything obviously, I was however, safe in the knowledge that they had looked better on me!


Are you a list person? Whilst not fanatical about it, I admit I am and my longest runner is a wish list of plants I´d like to be able to offer for sale. I often add plants to that list but it´s rare that I am able to remove many and so it grows and grows! The plants on it are not botanical curiosities, as you might think, but good solid Mediterranean-garden-type plants. You might wonder why I don´t just buy them if they´re so good – I wish, hence a wish list.

Over the years, I´ve slowly


Come and join us for Competa's ninth annual Walk for Life on Sunday, 01 June, 2014.

The idea first started in 2006 after talking to friends who had also lost family and friends to cancer. A couple of us were planning to fly back to the UK to participate in “Race for Life” in aid of Cancer Research UK but decided we preferred to do a local fundraising event in Spain.

“Race for Life” started in 1994 with just one race in Battersea Park, London. It is now one of the UK's largest fundraising events and this year has 300 events across the UK. During the twenty years, over six million people have participated and raised over £493 million.

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