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Marco Polo has been in the village for years but has recently undergone a change thanks to the new owners David and Tracy. It was David's Mum and Dad who ran the local shop for years and with the sad passing of his mum and his dad's retirement the couple decided to move to Spain to keep the shop going. They explained there was always a plan to move to Spain but not necessarily Competa. However with Keith's retirement it seemed logical to come to the village and take over the shop, an already established business. Tracy will manage the shop and David will out help whilst also pursuing his singing career.

Marco Polo has always been known for its books and DVD hire along with providing local information in the way of maps and guides. This will all continue exactly as before however they have now extended certain ranges in the shop for example the celebration section. Now they stock everything for a party from cards to party bags, garlands, candles, confetti cannons, piñata's and more.


In years gone by, selling privately meant a hand-made for sale sign in the front garden or a lineage advert in the classified section of a local newspaper. How times have changed!

Today, private sellers are able to find their buyers in exactly the same way as the estate agents – via the internet. Estate agents in Spain rarely have the luxury of a high street office with foreign buyers passing the door on a daily basis, so they rely on property portals (websites they pay to advertise on) to attract buyers from around the globe.

At last, private sellers in Spain now have access to these websites with the help of Creative Property Marketing. It is still not possible for private individuals to advertise directly on most of the property sales websites (particularly the very best ones) however, with the help of David & Sarah, who run Creative Property Marketing, it is now possible to get the best exposure for your property at a fraction of the cost of using an agent.


One Voice and CoraXalia treated Competa to an amazing evening of sacred choral music last month under the direction of Spanish Tenor Eusebio Pita. The show was held in the church with a perfect acoustic for such an event and was packed.

One voice opened proceedings and under the new direction of Eusebio I can only say they have entered a different league, giving an almost flawless performance, starting with an enchanting rendition of Psalm 23. The balance and clear diction between the members of One Voice was exceptional.

CoraXalia held the next section brilliantly with a beautiful arrangement of Ave Verum by William Byrd.

Eusebio Pita offered a solo of Ave Maria by Charles Gounod, which was incredible. His tembre was perfect and the power of his voice filled every inch of the venue. He received a richly deserved standing ovation for his performance.

For me the highlight of the show was when the two choirs came together for a spectacular finale. The different vocal sections of the choir were crystal clear and the harmony they achieved brought many goose bumps out amongst the audience! Entrances and finishes were perfect across the whole ensemble. They included a virtuoso performance of Bogoroditse Devo by Sergei Rachmaninov. Tom Robinson provided reliable piano support, though I have to say that the electronic keyboard can never do justice in such an environment. With singers of this quality we should seriously consider getting a good baby grand piano installed in the church. The audience response was rapturous and all monies raised go to CARITAS, supporting people locally. Well done to the organisers, more please soon.


What an amazing day it was at The Pavo Real! We raised a record-breaking, incredible 2865€.

This year we had more dogs registered than ever before and our Park and Ride, to and from the helipad, proved to be extremely popular. Our side shows were all a great success and we plan to have even more next year!

We'd like to thank everyone who came and supported us on the day and all who were involved in making it such a fantastic event. We hope you enjoy the photos taken by Sally Murrell, on the adjoining page.

The following people deserve special thanks:

The Pavo Real and staff.

Our team on the day: Alison, Beth, Freya, Geoff, Hazel, Helen, Janice, Kim, Lidy, Liz, Meadow, Megan, Paula, Phil, Roy, Sally, Sandiey and Steven.

John Etheridge who organised the Park and Ride system and Kevin Deavin for selling vast quantities of raffle tickets.

The judges, Vero, Ines, Mine and Jacob.

Everyone who sponsored trophies, especially our main sponsors astra2tv and all who gave raffle and auction prizes or made cakes for us to sell.

Very special thanks to the Cómpeta couple, wishing to remain anonymous, who donated a week's takings from their villa rental.

We'd also like to thank Grapevine Magazine and Jane Kirk at Digame for advertising.

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