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Following on from last month´s sultry read, let´s look specifically at some 50 plants that fall into the grey, silver, blue category and that you will be able to find here and use if your heat and drought resistant gardens:

Starting big, some of the best trees would be:
Olea Europea, our beloved olive has to be, of course, top of our list. You´ve only to look at them marching across hot dry plains to understand their resistance. An absolute classic and try tea made from the leaves too. Cupressus Arizonica, the Arizona cypress has lovely silvery grey needles and is, probably, the toughest conifer you can buy even happy in salt-laden coastal positions. It will reach some 15m high with a 5m spread. Eucalyptus species are often much maligned but they have their place and a multitude of uses. Throw a few leaves in a bowl of boiling water and breathe in the relaxing and clearing vapour. And, of course, many of the acacia or mimosa family have greyish foliage, especially the lovely acacia baileyana.


This month I interviewed a really interesting couple from Sayalonga, Dave and Anna. Seven years ago they moved to Sayalonga. Anna is from Zimbabwe and Dave is from America. They came here and decided to retire in Spain. Despite being well traveled, Spain was somewhere they had never considered living in actual fact they were regular visitors to Italy. However, after their first visit to Spain they were hooked! They enjoyed the people, the lifestyle, the standard of living, the wine and food, along with prices to match. They found their villa in the campo of Sayalonga and it was already appropriately named Casa Anna. Over the last 7 years they have beautifully developed and reformed the house and garden.


Bar fernan in conjunction with el recreo stage another superb sizzling summer night of funk, rock and soul featuring some of the very best talent from andalucia and beyond!

Last year some 280 people supped, dined, danced and partook in one way or another in Cómpeta.

Rocks helping raise 1880€ for two worthy and deserving charities. Such was its success and by
popular demand, we can now confirm the exciting news that Cómpeta Rocks lives on in 2014 and tickets will be on sale exclusively at Todo Papel, Cómpeta from July 1st. Demand was incredibly high last year so to avoid disappointment do not delay!


I´m sure you´ll all remember – and have read – that blockbuster book of a couple of summers back, 50 Shades of Grey and the two sequels. Well, this summer I´m offering you two further sequels so that you´ve got something really good to read over the summer months. Take it to the beach with you!
So here we go with 50 Shades of Grey, Silver and Blue, in two parts.

In honesty, I don´t think I´ll make the best-seller lists, nor sell over 100 million copies like the original book, nor be printed in 52 languages. I´m not much good at writing eroticism (or maybe I´ve just never tried) so the level of blueness will be dictated by the plants and the sultriness by the weather! I can tell that you´re disappointed already! But you will be able to loan it to your friends and get it back covered in grubby fingerprints and wineglass stains - just the same really.

My first experiences – and passion - for grey, silver and blue were in Africa, with a climate very similar to ours here and far from the verdant greenness of English summers and mundane browns of English winters! These steely shades look great under searing sunshine and, more importantly, are nearly always associated with drought resistance and heat tolerance.

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