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One of the ways to become a Spanish citizen is through the acquisition of Spanish Nationality by residence, for which a certain period of time of legal residence in Spain is required. In general the minimum time required is 10 years. Although there are also special cases for which a shorter period is required, i.e.:- ·Five years: people with refugee status ·Two years: for nationals from Iberia-American countries, Andorra, the Philippines, Equatorial Guinea, and Portugal or of people of Sephardic origin. ·One year: in cases where a very close link with Spain can be proved and legally recognized.


There are some 500 species of passiflora or passion vine. The great majority are found in South America through to Mexico, Asia and New Guinea. Nine species are native to the U.S.; a further four are from Australia and one only is native to New Zealand. They're not a climber you see too often here and I don´t know why because they are truly gorgeous! I'm happy to say that we now have five different types in Viveros Florena, each with their own special


GUSTO XC are specialists in Mountain Bike adventure. They provide mountain bike tours all over Andalucia with packages to suit all abilities. Bike rental is offered along with a professional guide. Andrew Laine known more commonly as Digger has been in the bike industry for years. Digger and his friend Tim are the business owners. Tim also has Restaurant Gusto in Nerja and they jointly set up Gusto XC 6 months ago.

Before Andrews years in Spain, he was in the Avionics Industry


On the 10th of June something rare will be happening near the town of Sayalonga. A Steinway grand piano, brought in from Granada, will arrive at Bodegas Bentomiz. It will be set up on a stage on the forecourt between the winery and the vineyards ready for a night of wine, tapas and classical piano music. 

This is the launch event for Mountain Wine and Music – a series of classical, flamenco and jazz performances to while the nights away at the bodega this summer. It is

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Sometimes Spain can be a very surreal place. It is a country where you might hear Christmas carols in August (as part of the New Year's Eve in August...
It is an exciting time for the members of CompetaArt. We have just finished a very successful exhibition in the Sala de Exposiciones Municipal in Nerja....
There were five lanes of traffic: the extreme right shortly filtered off just past the traffic lights; we were next to that; there was an over-taking...
A Damm Fine Spanish Beer? Last Month, Alick Howard wrote about beer (following Andy Wilkes' Wine article) bemoaning the fact that there's not much in...
You live in Cómpeta, have you lived here all your life?Almost all my life, from 1978-1982 I lived in Malaga, but the rest of the time I've lived...

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