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:: Website Advertising

The Website is continuously promoted in the monthly Grapevine Magazine, as well as linking to other quality websites in the Axarquia region of Spain and other relevant websites.

1. Premium Button

One of the top three buttons seen across the top of every website page:

 Commitment  Cost p/month  Cost p/month with discount
 3 Months  180 Euros  126 Euros
 6 Months  150 Euros  105 Euros
The three premium buttons are subject to availability and are currently taken on a long term commitment.

2. Village Banners

Image   Image

The above banners will appear at the top of the village profile pages. The advertiser can decide which village pages they want their banner to appear on.

 Advertising Villages  Cost p/month
 1 Banner  -  10 Euros
 3 Banners  3 Separate villages  21 Euros
 5 Banners  5 Separate villages  25 Euros
 10 Banners  10 Seperate villages  40 Euros

These text banners are subject to availability.

Payment is in advance only.

Commitment period of 6 months only. 

3. Long Banner


The above banner will appear the bottom of selected pages.

 Advertising Pages  Cost p/month
 1 banner  1 page  10 Euros
 3 Banners  3 Separate pages  21 Euros
 5 Banners  5 Separate pages  25 Euros
 10 banners  10 Seperate pages  40 Euros

These text banners are subject to availability.

Payment is in advance only.

Commitment period of 6 months only. 

4. One Page Advert

100 Euros - 1 Webpage

If your business does not have a website The Grapevine can offer you a webpage for 100 Euros one off, only fee.

You will recieve your own web address e.g which can be used on any paper publicity so people can go directly to your webpage.

Also, the webpage will be uploaded onto the Grapevine website as a link on the business directory page under the village of your preference. 


5. Online Business Directory

Price for 1: Year 50 Euros

All advertisers in the Grapevine Magazine on a three month or more commitment period receive a free listing in the Online Business Directory.


6. Website Link

To activate your Web Address link in the local business directory found on the village profile pages you will first need to link the Grapevine Website from your own website (Text Supplied) and the we willl activate the link on the Grapevine website.


7. Holidays Rentals

Price for 1: Year 50 Euros

The Grapevine Holiday Rentals section is an affordable way of promoting your holiday home over the internet. For a small fee of just 50 Euros per year, a photo and description of your property will be added to our growing database. The website is now receiving thousands of hits every week from potential clients interested in the Axarquia area. Which makes the grapevine website the No.1 choice for owners of holiday homes wishing to promote there properties.


 :: Online Payment


To make a secure online payment, follow the three steps below.

1. Decide on which advertising package you require and send an email requesting this to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

2. "The Grapevine Magazine" will then send you a payment form by email via PayPal, requesting payment.

3. Simply enter your payment details into the form and follow the online instructions.


:: Magazine Advertising

The Grapevine Magazine initially started as an inland publication around Competa, Canillas de Albaida, Archez and Sayalonga however then expanded to the coast and to other inland villages.

The Grapevine Magazine is successful due to its local content, information, articles written by locals, professional look and affordable advertising rates. We have an excellent renewal rate from advertisers, proving that our formula of distributing a high volume of magazines in selected areas creates interest and serious business - try The Grapevine - it works!

 Advert Size 1 Issue  3 Issues 6 Issues
Full Page 150 Euros 130 Euros 120 Euros
Half Page 100 Euros 80 Euros 70 Euros
Quarter Page 45 Euros 40 Euros 35 Euros
Eighth Page 30 Euros 25 Euros 20 Euros
  •  If required adverts can be designed free of charge.
  • For all payments on 3 & 6 month commitments paid online, there is a further 10% discount on the above listed prices.
  • 3&6 month advertisers can provide editorial or “The Grapevine” can write about the establishment/business and this will be published in the magazine within the advertisers commitment period.
  • All 6 month advertisers receive a free listing in The Grapevine Business Directory at the back of the magazine.
  • All 3 & 6 month advertisers receive a free listing in The Online Business Directory.
  • To activate your Web Address Link in the Online Business Directory you will first need to link the Grapevine Website from your own website (Text Supplied)
  • Prices quoted are rates per issue and do not include IVA.
  • Premium Pages are quoted individually.
  • 1/8 Page adverts are only available for 3 & 6 month commitments.
  • 3 & 6 month commitments prices are for consecutive months.
  • Payment must be received before going to print.


For more information on advertising please call:
  • Helen: 637 028 873
Or click here to fill out the online form

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