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Most people are pretty good at getting their civil residency from the National Police and are keen to show that they are not just passing trade. However, not everyone is aware that there is more to residency than your sheet of green paper (Civil Resident).

For the fiscal residency you need a Certificate from the Tax Office and for this you have to declare every year your Income Tax in Spain. Civil residency is, in fact, pretty useless when it comes to financial matters. For example, when capital gains or inheritance tax is due - if you can't prove you are a fiscal resident then you can end up paying non-resident taxes and there are big differences between the two.


CAMPO presents Competa's first Hoe-Down on Friday, 28th February, 2014 at The Balcon Hotel, Competa. Doors open at 7.30pm for 8pm start.
So if you enjoy dancing to good country music together with your friends or meeting new people then come along to our first, full of fun Hoe-Down.

In addition to the dancing festivities, there will be lots of great side shows where you can join in the fun at Tin Can Alley, on the Hoopla, Hook a Duck or even try your hand at Darts all generously sponsored by Competa local businesses. Win some amazing prizes!!!!


Christmas Tradition of Broom Hiding. It may sound made up but for many, many years people in Norway have hidden their brooms on Christmas Eve night. It is not certain when in history the tradition began but the belief is that in olden days people in Norway believed Christmas Eve was a time when evil spirits and witches came out to play and would steal brooms from people's houses to travel on.


October 12 is celebrated as the National Day or Fiesta Nacional de Espana in Spain. It is also called the Hispanic Day or the Dia de la Hispanidad. The day is celebrated to commemorate the arrival of Columbus in Americas in 1906. It is also celebrated as the day of the Armed Forces in Spain.

It was on August 3, 1492 that Columbus first set foot from the port of Palod de la Frontera in Spain. He ended up on an island that’s part of the Caribbean now. Up until 1987, the day was celebrated as the Hispanic Day in Spain to celebrate the country’s association with Hispanidad. Hispanidad is a common community formed by countries of Hispanic origin. In 1987, through an official order, the day was renamed as the National Day of Spain. Prior to that, the National Day of Spain used to be celebrated on different dates over the years. The Hispanic Day was renamed as the National Day as a compromise between the Republicans and Conservatives. The Conservatives wanted to showcase the rich cultural heritage of the country while the Republicans wanted to showcase the strengthening democracy of the country.

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