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We are currently rewriting an up to date version of “Old Mother Hubbard” to allow the children to enjoy the Pantomime as well as the adults.

We plan to hold the show during the last few days of November, venue to be confirmed, but we hope for the room above the Museo de Costumbres y Artes in Competa.

We are now asking for anyone wishing to perform or assist in any way to email me with their details. Backstage there are a mass of jobs required, some people will be needed the whole time we are rehearsing while others needed for final rehearsals and the actual production.


There is still time to join one of the ninth annual sponsored Walk for Life walks in Competa. This year, once again a choice of three sponsored walks, two commencing at 08.45am from Puerto del Collado and the 5km walk around the village of Competa from The Mirador, Competa at 10.45am.

For full details see our website It is free to join any of our walks, all I please ask is that you try and obtain as much sponsor money as possible. Any questions, please contact me Cindy Jones on 665156467 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Tuesday April 1st for some of us was All Fools Day and this year was no different as fifty or so darts fools gathered at Las Gemelas for the annual darts presentation night.

After a grueling and exciting season of darts the competing teams gathered to celebrate a close finish to the season. Never have so many highly tuned (darts) athletes been gathered in one place since the London Olympics. Trophies and medals, amongst other achievement awards, were presented during the evening for the winning teams and individual winners in various categories. In true darts fashion plenty of beer was consumed and excellent food provided by the hosts for the evening, Lydia and Isidro from Las Gemelas.


The 6th Art Walk will return to Cómpeta this year over the Easter weekend, Saturday the 19th and Sunday the 20th of April from 11.00 - 19.00 o'clock. This event aims to bring together the community in an animated, artistic atmosphere & will be hosted at various venues in Cómpeta.

The previous 5 Art Walks have been a great success and many people from Cómpeta, other inland villages and coastal towns, have enjoyed this vibrant festival of arts and crafts. The weekend will offer all those with an interest in art the chance to meet the multinational artists of Cómpeta who have made Andalusia their home for many years. Paintings, photographs, graphics, drawings, ceramic bowls, papier mache, turned wood, textile works and bronze sculptures will be shown. More than 19 artists and craftspeople will show their works.

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