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Are you up for a Competa Challenge for Cudeca? If so we have a choice of three challenges as part of our “Day for Life” to raise much needed funds for Cudeca Cancer Care.

To celebrate our 5th annual “Day for Life” there are two new exciting challenges, the first, a Zumba Marathon, takes place on Saturday, 11th April in Competa Sports Hall with Nicola McEvoy who promises you two hours of fun Zumba from 11am – 1pm. The entry charge of only 5euros per adult and 3euros per child is all donated to Cudeca. The second new challenge is to see who can hold the body plank for the longest amount of time whilst gaining sponsorship for every ten seconds. You can obtain a sponsor form; see details at the end of article. This will take place on Day for Life at The Alberdini at 12.30 and there will be a prize for the winner, sponsored by Inez from The Alberdini.


Ali and Dan both have their own expertise that they have brought over with them from the UK. Dan previously worked in gardening and property maintenance, whereas Ali has the most experience in marketing and graphic and web design.

Services provided vary from one off spring-cleans to property maintenance and full or part holiday management, key holding and holiday rental marketing. They help you find the right websites for you to advertise on, offer a full web design service and offer a wide range of packages for your property management. The packages vary in price and are very competitive for the area. Ali will meet with you personally to find out your needs, and work with you to ensure those needs are fulfilled.
With the main holiday rental season starting, it is still not too late to get in touch and find out how we can help you this spring and summer! Or if your bookings have been a little bit slow this year, we can help get you out there and save your summer!


Little Daisy, at just a few months old, was found abandoned in Archez.

A Spanish woman, Jesúsa, had rescued her and had been looking after her in the hope that she'd eventually be able to find someone to adopt her. Jesúsa came into our charity shop to ask if we could help. Thankfully we didn't have to look too far for Daisy's new owner, as Liz, one of our own shop volunteers, fell in love with Daisy and decided to offer her a wonderful new home. Here they are pictured together in the shop, just before Liz scooped her up and took her home to a future life where we know she'll be completely loved and totally spoilt. What a happy ending for little Daisy!


The citrus world is vast but, sadly, we don't get offered many unusual ones here. It's wonderful to have fresh oranges and lemons from trees in our gardens but it would also be delightful to have the opportunity to grow something a bit different. Do you fancy finger limes, kaffir limes and Meyer lemons? Don't know what they are? Well, read on!

Australian Finger Limes, microcitrus australasica. These are the caviar of the citrus world and I'm not exaggerating as they are also commonly called lime caviar. The fruits are elongated and bumpy, up to about 8 cm long – in fact they look rather like a gherkin. But cut them open and they are filled with tiny tangy jewels that seem to explode in the mouth. Both the peel and the pulp come in a myriad of colours and, whilst in most citrus the pulp or juice vesicles are shaped rather like a teardrop, in finger limes they are like tiny balls – a fruity caviar that bursts in your mouth. Cut the tip off the finger lime and squeeze it from the bottom to release the pulp. It's a great substitute for a squeeze of lime juice and looks amazing in cocktails, sorbets and fruit salads. Or a wonderful topping to mussels or oysters.

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