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For a refreshing and alternative Christmas shopping experience away from the commercialism and crowds of the Shopping Centres, Sugar and Spice is the place to head for. The shop celebrates its 10th Christmas this year and is offering its usual supply of stylish surprises. If individual fashions, original gifts, stylish furniture and homewares, quirky trinkets and delicious seasonal goods are your
cup of tea, or glass of mulled wine even, it is the perfect place to begin getting into the Christmas mood.

We are packed with winter giftware offering stylish and unique ideas & festive inspiration for the perfect Christmas. Our fun family gifts include a selection of fun plaques & mugs for everyone.


Comfrey is a magical plant! It nurtures plants, animals, insects and humans alike and is remarkably disease-free itself. It makes wonderful compost, fertiliser and mulch. Things don´t get much better than that! Every gardener should have a comfrey patch and especially if you are organic.

Comfrey is one of the best investments for a healthy and productive garden. Most people reach for a quick fix when their plants are ailing but quick-release fertilisers will only promote lots of lush sappy growth - a banquet table to aphids and a breeding ground for fungal disease. Far better to slow feed your plants; maybe they won´t be quite so big and lush but they will be healthy, strong and softly glowing with health. In fact, we could all do with some of that!


This month's Action for Animals page is once again dedicated to finding homes for the animals pictured here, all currently in the Cómpeta area and desperate for new owners.

The three German Shepherd type puppies were found on the track between the Torrox road and Acebuchal, next to Finca Los Pinos, where they are currently being fostered by Sarah and David Mills. They are all female, now around 7 weeks old and ready to go to new owners. Can you offer one of them a permanent home?

The two kittens – one tabby female and a ginger male – have been fostered up until now by Carly Mathews and are now old enough to be rehomed.

They're absolutely adorable, running around playing together, and they even get on well with dogs. Can you give one of them (or both of them!) a loving home?

Our final plea for help is one we're making in advance. Last week these two tiny newborn kittens were brought into our charity shop by a kind lady who had rescued them from the rubbish bins in which they had callously been discarded. They're currently being hand-reared by Sandiey, one of our Action for Animals volunteers, who is bottle-feeding them every few hours. Thanks to Sandiey they've been given another chance. In a few weeks' time, we're hoping they'll be strong enough to move on to their new owners. Will you be the person to give these little ones the love they deserve after such a poor start in life?

As always, Action for Animals can help with costs should you decide to adopt any of the animals mentioned in this article.


The wonderful community of Competa and its surrounding villages once again, gave tremendous support for the fundraising at the World's Biggest Coffee Morning.

This was held on 26th September and over one hundred and thirty people came along to El Pilon Restaurant, Competa to enjoy tea, coffee or Bucks Fizz together with an amazing selection of over thirty delicious home-made cakes.
Liz had a terrific tombola table, probably one of the largest to date with a display of over ninety donated prizes.

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