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Dr Rubi has worked in both public and private hospitals in Spain, the UK and France.

Dr Rubi is also registered with the General Medical Council in the UK because since 2005 she has been reporting MRI from British Hospitals by telemedicine . She sometimes works in the UK, in the Breast Units at various hospitals. For example, she has worked as a Consultant radiologist in the breast Unit at The Royal Cornwall Hospital, in Truro and in the breast Unit of Medway Maritime Hospital, in Kent.


For lazy gardeners – and who isn´t at times - there are very few plants more effective than daisies – they´re tough, easy to grow and give fantastic flower power and value for many. The compositae/asteraceae family is one of the largest and ´core´families of botanics with some 25,000 species.

It is characterised by the annual daisy, bellis perennis – that common ´weed´ of our lawns. It originated in Europe but is now found in most of the world. The true flower is actually the yellow centre which is surrounded by ligules more recognisable to us as petals. At the other end of the family scale is the sunflower, our most giant daisy.


The Christmas Disco held on December 13th was fun.

Deejay Worzel produced his magic and the floor was filling by the minute as we all sang along and reminisced to the sounds of the 70's and 80's.

We raised just over 1350 euros and after expenses have donated 700 euros to charity, split 330 to Action for Animals and 370 to AECC Malaga (cancer research).


Come along and celebrate our 10th annual WALK FOR LIFE by joining us on Sunday, 26th April, 2015.

It doesn't seem possible that it's ten years ago that the idea first started after talking to friends who had also lost family and friends to cancer. A couple of us were planning to fly back to the UK to participate in “Race for Life” in aid of Cancer Research UK but decided we preferred to do a local fundraising event here in Spain.

“Race for Life” started in 1994 with just one race in

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