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Special event on the 1st of March: 'Little Buddha" brings Tibet to Competa.

As specialists in Tibetan articles "Little Buddha" brings beautiful Tibet to you by offering religious and decorative items for your home. All of 'Little Buddha's' products are bought Fairtrade directly from the local people in Tibet and Nepal by Dutch couple: Jeannette & Fred Madern. 'Little Buddha' also supports local projects. 

On Thursday the 1st of March you can visit Galeria Luz de la Vida and purchase from their collection, which consists of: Tibetan religious articles, Tibetan incenses and burners, Tibetan statues, mala, prayer flags, portable shrines, jewellery, scarfs, shawls and ponchos.

Enjoy the beauty and the mysteries of Tibet. For inspiration you can visit the website:
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There is an Airport bus that goes from the Bus Station every half and hour and costs 3e, the journey is about half an hour and It has its own bus stand, near the bus entrance on the right, with an information screen giving the time of the next bus. BUT
I prefer the local train, its cheaper at 1.80e, there are 3 an hour and it only takes 10 minutes.  I must admit I was very wary the first time I embarked on this journey, and indeed practised it before I went on my flight! Now I use it all the time, going to Plaza Mayor shopping, to see my Ophthalmologist in Torremolinos or visiting friends in Benalmadena. The train ends in Fuengirola and if you want to get to Marbella there are apparently buses from the Train Station. I've not explored that yet. But I digress.


All those tax residents in Spain, (i.e.:-those living in Spain for more than 183 days a year or when Spain is the main base for your business), should be aware that as a result of legislation passed on 29th October, 2012 for the prevention and control fraud, all natural or legal persons resident in Spain who have any assets outside of Spain with a value of €50,000 or more, are required to submit this declaration form to the Spanish authorities.

This declaration can be made on line, through the Tax Office`s web page 
where the Modelo 720 (Statement of Assets Outside Spain) can be located and completed. It must be filed between January 1 and March 31, of the first year of residence, to avoid being investigated or fined by the Spanish authorities.


The Good Care Group are an award winning company who are passionate about enabling clients to live in their own homes and live life the way they wish. 

We look for genuine, caring people to join our existing team of professional carers in providing person centred care for our clients. We know that in Spain there are many British expatriates who have either a professional background in care or have cared for a loved one or friend.  Working as a live in carer provides our carers with the opportunity to combine their passion to work in care in the UK balanced with spending their time off in Spain.  This has proved successful for many carers in the home care market.

What we offer at The Good Care Group
We passionately believe that finding quality, professional carers with a real desire to care for others drives the success of our business.  

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